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These storytellers talk about how the river has impacted and shaped their lives in interviews initially developed by a partnership between JRA and VCU students and professors.

JRA is thrilled to have partnered with VPM News to bring Stories by the James to a wider audience. Click here to listen to exclusive audio cuts of storyteller interviews.

Our sincere thanks to Troutman Pepper, The Tomato Fund, Boostie & Jim Rogers, and VPM for the opportunity to share Stories by the James with listeners across Virginia.

Our Storytellers

Season 2 (2023) Storytellers

Season 1 (2022) Storytellers

Almeta Ingram-Miller

Almeta Ingram-Miller

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell

Partnership with VCU

In the fall of 2020, JRA was fortunate to join forces with students and professors from VCU’s Advanced Media Production Technology (or AMPT) Program to develop and create content for Stories by the James. From 2020 – 2022, students had the opportunity to provide creative direction to JRA and receive hands-on experience during various stages of media production.

Special Thanks!

JRA extends our sincere gratitude to our Storytelling Series partners.

VCU Executive Producers Julian Pozzi, Carlos Chafin, Bob Tyskowski
Associate Executive Producer & Editor Annie Lacey
Producer, Director, and Editor Jordan Joseph

VCU’s Advanced Media Technology Production program

  • 2021-2022 Cohort:
    Producer Amaya Fuentes; Production Team Tony Beres, Clevon Hall, Brendan Hamilton, Jordan Reinecke
  • 2020-2021 Cohort:
    Producers Zack Forbes and Fiona Walkington; Editor Marcus Emmanuel; Production Team Joe Fitzpatrick, Tina Harding, Meg Sheehy

Special additional thanks to VCU’s AMPT program, In Your Ear Studios, Audio Editor Daniel Davis, Drone Operator Crixelle Matthews, Voice-over Artist Erin Frye, Editor Greg Elgin, Berkeley Darr, Jen Pike, and Craig Rolan Martin