Maeve Jones

About Maeve

“Once upon a river flowing, while I pondered, deep and knowing . . .”

Maeve Jones works as the Executive Director of The Poe Museum in downtown Richmond. She takes us back to historical Richmond circa the early 1800s and sets the stage for Edgar Allan Poe’s lifelong love for the James River.

She shares the telltale story of the celebrated writer’s most famous connection with the river, a seven-mile swim Poe took when he was (allegedly) 15 years old. Maeve also speaks to the complicated history of the James during Poe’s life and the role the river played in Poe’s mysterious death.

A Dream Within A Dream

Listen to Maeve’s full interview.


Have you visited The Poe Museum yet? Located just blocks away from the James River in downtown Richmond, we highly encourage you rap (or tap) on their door!