The James River Association welcomes you to Stories by the James

This community collaboration harnesses the magic of stories through diverse storytellers in our James River watershed.


We hope these stories will help uplift and inspire connection. While our personal experiences may vary, the river running through these stories is the common thread that unites us. We all share the James.

We all must protect it.

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to experience voices across the James sharing the impact the river has on their lives.

It was amazing to realize that we lived in a city that just had such an incredible resource… it was like having this amazing environmental playground in our backyard.

Cheryl Groce-Wright

Kaleidoscope Collaborative RVA

All of the stories that make up who Virginia is or who America is, the river is the connecting point…if the human stories are beads on a necklace, the necklace itself that connects them all is the James River.

Senator Tim Kaine

Listen, that’s what the James River does. It draws people from all different backgrounds. They go down to the river to find some peace … it draws people together.

Almeta Ingram-Miller

The Legendary Ingramettes

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