The river connects us…

The James River Association (JRA) is excited to bring you Stories by the James, a community collaboration that harnesses the magic of stories through the lens of diverse storytellers within our James River watershed.

As one of our storytellers powerfully pointed out, we all decide where we place ourselves in the story of the James. We pick the part we want to play in creating a healthy, inclusive, and accessible river.

We hope that everyone in our watershed will consider sharing their story and personal connection with the James so that our river community can connect through these experiences. We hope you enjoy these river tales for years to come.

I mean, it’s everything. Can you imagine what the city would be without the river? It would be completely different. It’s ground zero for connection.

Andrew Alli

Trail Manager for the James River Park System

About JRA

The James River Association, originally founded in 1976, is the only nonprofit in the James River watershed solely committed to protecting the James River and connecting people to it.

We Protect

JRA wants to encourage everyone in the watershed to know their role in protecting the James. We monitor the river, respond to problems, seek policy changes, and implement on-the-ground projects to restore the river’s health. We protect through our watershed restoration and advocacy programs.

We Connect

JRA wants to ensure everyone in the watershed feels a connection to the James and is inspired to do their part. We help increase river access, educate students across the James, support river-related events, and implement volunteer projects. We connect through our environmental education, community conservation, and guided river trip programs.

If you are inspired to be a James Changer and help us share more river stories, please give a gift or take an action today.

Thank you for being here.

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