Amber Ellis

About Amber

Amber Ellis, JRA’s Restoration Director and Professional Landscape Architect with a certificate in ecotherapy, has looked to the James River as a source of comfort and healing for as long as she can remember.

Amber takes us through her journey with the River, beginning as a child growing up in Powhatan County and continuing through her current restoration role at JRA. She shares how she has harnessed her love of the River – as well as connecting others through our natural spaces – in ways that improve our river’s health, and our own.

Good stewards to one another

Listen to Amber’s full interview.

James River RX

If you’re looking to connect with our waterways on a deeper level, check out Amber’s James River Rx blog. Each post speaks to the healing power of nature, and includes a connection exercise designed to help you take some time to breathe and enjoy the green and blue spaces around you.